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Stay at home & crochet (Phil's blanket)

Firstly I hope everyone is safe at home and getting used to being isolated.

Its not easy even for people like me who work at home, alone, I really look forward to the weekends when I can go out into the world, go places and see other people.

Its almost the weekend, the sun is shining and all I want to go out to walk on the moor or go down to the harbour to have a drink, sit on the wall & watch the tourists.

However I am one of the "at severe risk" people as I have copd, so for the next 12 weeks I have to be content with watching the birds float across the valley on the thermals & the plant veggies in my courtyard.

The first thing on my "to do" list when we were told to self isolate was to final finish and publish the pattern for Phil's blanket.

It is the perfect time, everybody is stuck at home and needs something to occupy them, what better thing than a giant blanket :-)

Its took me 18 months to make and about 6 months to write, mainly because I was doing lots of other things at the same time and so didn't give it my whole attention.

I made the blanket for Phil, who I've been happily married to for 34 years, over that time he's watched me make hundreds of quilts and blankets but never one for him, it was only after he said how much he liked it that I decided to give it to him.

The blanket is based on the Ohio Star patchwork block, its made with scraps leftover from other projects (even the black) and probably contains over one hundred different yarns.

The pattern is written for 3 different sizes, lap blanket, bed size, and king size, so you can start off small and maybe add to it later.

Happy crocheting and stay safe

love Amanda

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