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Colouring Sheets & Jigsaws

Firstly Happy New year for 2024.

Sorry Im a bit late, but I've had a busy January (my already late) new years resolution is to spend more time working on my site and social networking.

The reason I've been very lax over the last couple of years is because I'd rather be drawing, so I've forced myself to put my pencil and digital pen down and give my followers a bit more attention.

I have 2 exciting new product ranges for 2024, the first is colouring sheets and at some point this year I hope to produce my first colouring book.

I have 3 new colourings in my shop, which you can find HERE

I'm working closely with a experienced tester so hopefully these 3 colouring sheets are easier than my previous ones.

Ive set up a colouring page in my forum, so you can post your progress photo's and maybe give me some feed back. You can find the forum HERE

My second exciting new product is a jigsaw, its 1000 piece puzzle of Lynton, so as you can imagine is difficult. If its popular I will get some other designs made.

It costs £29.99, there are only 8 available, so if you want one please don't leave it too long. You can find it HERE

The jigsaw's also have their own forum page, if you have any comments or requests please feel free to post.

That's all for now, I'll post more about the forum later,

Love Amanda

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