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Artist, author & retired crochet designer.


On the 19th of March 2021 whilst drawing with my 2 year old grandson I rekindled my love of creating art.

The covid pandemic had made me begin to re-evaluate my life. I'd lost all crochet inspiration & couldn't work out what to do next.

Although I grew up in Suffolk on the east coast of England, I now live next to the sea on Exmoor, North Devon.

I am obsessively inspired by my home, constantly exploring & drawing, trying to capture the essence of Exmoor & the North Devon coast.

Landscape and the place I live has always been very important to me and heavily influences my work.

My art reflects the colours and shapes and atmosphere of the moor.

In 1981 I left school and spent two years at Art College studying general art and design for a diploma. Learning how to drink beer and make a mess with paint.

After art college I had 3 babies, knitted badly and drew circles.

For the next 10 years I sewed and exhibited art quilts & embroideries all over the world.

In 2000 I accidently started a hand dyeing yarn company & spent the next 15 years running my own independent natural dyeing business – The Natural Dye Studio.

I started designing crochet patterns as pattern support for my yarn, and over the course of time the yarn became the main support for my patterns.

In 2015 I closed my yarn business to concentrate on my career as a full time crochet author and designer.

While working as a crochet designer I published  5 crochet books, all of which are  available on Amazon.

At the beginning of 2021 I turned full circle and started  making art full time. I fill my days with drawing & knitting badly.

The intervening 38 years have taught me about the world and myself, I now understand that putting pen to paper & colouring in circles is a perfectly acceptable way to lead my life.



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