I love to experiment with colour and shape, which is why I have designed so many crochet blankets.  
Blankets gave me a large canvas to play with and therefore provided endless possibilities to develop my designs.

Due to covid creating world stress and chaos I felt I needed a rest from crochet and a new direction, so a 20 year break I have started drawing again.

The place and landscape that I live in has always been very important to me and heavily influences my work. I am very lucky to live on Exmoor, North Devon, UK. My art reflects the colours and shapes and atmosphere of the moor. Exmoor is a national park and untouched by time, I live in a small village/town half way up a high sea cliff in between the windswept moorland and the Severn Sea (Bristol Channel).


After I left school I spent two years at Art College studying general art and design for a diploma, specialising in textiles. After art college I exhibited my art quilts and embroidery designs all over the world.

I spent 13 years running my own independent hand dyeing yarn business – The Natural Dye Studio. I started designing crochet patterns as pattern support for my yarn, and over the course of time the yarn became the main support for my patterns. So in 2015 I closed my yarn business to concentrate on my career as a full time crochet author and designer.

In 2021 I returned to where I began and started drawing again.