Crochet is part of my being - for me it is like breathing.  
I spend most of my waking life with a hook in my hand and a head full of designs.

I love to experiment with colour and shape, so I design crochet blankets.  
Blankets give me a large canvas to play with and therefore provide endless possibilities to develop my designs.

My aim is to produce new and innovative designs that excite and inspire you.   
All of them are made using simple crochet techniques and should be do-able for everyone from ambitious beginners to experts.  
I believe crochet should be fun and stress free and, as long as you understand why they were made in the first place, rules are made to be broken!

My patterns include written and charted motif instructions, together with detailed colour charts and keys which explain clearly which colours and combinations to use.   
If you can make a granny square and can follow ‘paint by numbers’ instructions you should be able to make my blankets.


I come from a long family line of people who have worked with and created textiles. I spent my childhood surrounded by yarn and fabric, so it was only natural that I followed in my family's footsteps.


After I left school I spent two years at Art College studying general art and design for a diploma, specialising in textiles. I have exhibited my art quilts and embroidery designs all over the world, but over the last 10 years have concentrated on crochet. I spent 12 years running my own independent hand dyeing yarn business – The Natural Dye Studio. I started designing crochet patterns as pattern support for my yarn, and however over the course of time the yarn became the main support for my patterns. So in 2015 I closed my yarn business to concentrate on my career as a full time crochet designer.


The place and landscape that I live in has always been very important to me and heavily influences my work. I am very lucky to live on Exmoor, North Devon, UK. My designs reflect the colours and shapes and atmosphere of the moor. Exmoor is a national park and untouched by time, I live in a small village/town half way up a high sea cliff in between the windswept moorland and the Severn Sea (Bristol Channel).