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Medium Mandala's & Etsy....again..

I've just finished adding all the medium mandala's to my website shop HERE

There are 6 in total, each one is a one off and completely unique.

I'm afraid the rainbow mandala's sold out quickly, I'm working on the idea of adding a made to order rainbow section for the shop. there will be several different sizes, the one below is the medium size.

Normally I would add the mandala's to Etsy, however Etsy is up to its old tricks again, so from now on I will be using my website shop for all my physical items.

Etsy have come up with a new idea of how to squeeze more money out of their shop owners. This time is under the guise of advertising for you, they make a big fuss about how good it will be and how much more you will sell. However hidden in the small print is the fact that they automatically enrol you in their advertising programme and charge you 15% on everything you sell.

Anyway enough moaning about Etsy.

Have a lovely weekend

Love Amanda

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