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Madder Triangles & Panic

Firstly I'd like to say a huge Thank You to everyone who commented and sent me messages of love and support, you really helped me work through an emotional and difficult decision.

Last week after announcing to the world that I was going to self publish my new book I sat back and panicked. Doubting that I'd be able to do it as I've been following publishers guidelines for the past 4 years, worrying I'd let you all down and deciding the best course of action would be to hid under a stone.

However once I'd calmed down a bit I started to format a plan, I decided that actually the best course of action was to do a test run for the book and to publish one of my old pdf books as a practise piece.

I chose Madder Triangles, mainly because I was so pleased with the original photo shoot and wouldn't need to do another one. It contains 3 blanket, 2 scarf and 3 shawl/wrap patterns.

So I've been working on the manuscript ever since and am delighted to say I haven't forgotten how to produce a self published book, instead of which I have new ideas and techniques that I have learnt from my experiences over the past 4 years.

I'm loving every minute of working on it, so exited and enthused

I'm reformatting the whole book, re-editing the patterns, updating all the charts and photo's etc etc,

In the past week I've almost finished the title page and all the preamble to the patterns, the original pdf had 3 pages, so far I'm up to 7 pages and still working.

I can't wait to start on the patterns, watch this space I'll keep you updated :-)

Happy crocheting

Love Amanda

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