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I live on the north coast Exmoor, where the Bristol Channel opens up into the Atlantic Ocean. The Bristol Channel was called the Severn Sea in Tudor times, which I think is a much more romantic name. I’ve lived by the sea all my life and watched it change throughout the seasons this blanket was designed to reflect the sea, its the colours and movement.

It is made with John Arbon Textiles Knit by Number’s 4 ply, which is spun locally and comes is a collection of ombre colour ranges, which are perfect for this blanket.


I have used two colour ranges from John Arbon’s “Knit by Numbers” collection.
Each colour range is available in 6 shades – going from dark to light, and each colour is given a unique number reference, rather than a name, hence the range being called Knit By Numbers.
You will need two complete colour ranges, one skein of each colour. (1200 x gms)
I have chosen Turquoise 037 to 042 and purple/blue 031 to 036.
However, the design will work with any of the Knit by Numbers colour ranges, so you can choose your favourites.
If you use different colours it will result in the blanket having a different look.

The designs are made with 4 ply/fingering yarn, however measurements and yarn quantities are also included for DK yarn.


This pattern contains the following…..
Detailed colour and yarn recommendations
Written and charted Motif instructions, US and UK terms.
Step by step construction charts
Full coloured layout chart.

Severn Seas PDF Crochet Blanket Pattern

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