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Pixie dust was a result of experimenting with mitred square layouts.
Local Exmoor folklore says that pixies lived in a number of places on Exmoor, including Pixie Rock, Challacombe , Winsford Hill and Withypool. The Exmoor pixies are generally benign, but can be mischievous if they believe you deserve it. I would like to hope that if one day my Grandson Bert meets a pixie in his travels that he has been a good boy and not done anything the pixie might take offence to. In the meantime I have liberally sprinkled pixie dust over the whole blanket just in case.


Toddler/lap size - 48 x 48 inches (122 x 122cm)


1340gm of 4 ply/fingering (360-400m per 100gm) yarn in total.


This pattern contains the following…..
Detailed colour and yarn recommendations
Written and charted Motif instructions, US and UK terms.
Step by step construction charts
Full coloured layout chart.

Pixie Dust PDF Crochet Blanket Pattern

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