Lollipop Trees was inspired over 25 years ago by a drawing done by one of my children when they were very young and are very reminiscent of the small stunted windblown trees found along the Exmoor coast.

I have chosen a slightly muted rainbow palette inspired by Exmoor.


The blanket is hand made by myself and it measures 50 x 54 inches.

The blanket is made with luxury Merino wool, Merino/Silk blend and Devonia, a wool spun by John Arbon Textiles our local spinning mill. Devonia is spun using wool from sheep living on Exmoor, including Blue Faced leicester and Wenslydale.


Perfect as a small bed blanket or lap blanket or even to hang on the wall as a piece of art work.


Handwash in hand hot water using a dishwashing detergent, if its too hot for your hands its too hot for the wool. 


Lollipop Trees features in my Bert's Crochet Baby Blanket Book, which can be found on Amazon HERE

Lollipop Trees Handmade Crochet Blanket