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Website update & Puppy

Happy belated New Year :-)

Ive just finished updateing the website with my latest drawings including a set of 6 experimental mini drawings. As you can see all six fir together to make one whole drawing, I'm really pleased with them and will be doing more in the very near future.

Also a couple of bigger drawings of Lynmouth

You can find them all HERE

Most of my plans for 2022 have been put on hold as in January we had an unexpected arrival, a new GSD puppy to fill the gap loki left when he died nearly 4 years ago. We were due to have a pup in August, but the breeder contacted me to see if I would like a pup from her latest litter, she said he was very special and she wanted him to go to someone who would give him a good home, how could I say no?

His name is Siri, he's 13 weeks & the naughtiest pup we've ever had, which makes computer work very difficult, so I'm sending most of my time drawing. Fingers crossed it doesnt take too long for him to grow out of the biting, chewing phase

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