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The future & shop update

Firstly Happy Christmas & New Year (as I probably won't mail you again until 2022).

I've just stocked up the shop with lots of goodies, new drawings, a special mini print and the last of my crochet blankets.

The blankets include Cassiopeia which is my final blanket, I dont like to say I'll never make another blanket, because you never know what the future holds but for now its the last.

You can find all the blankets HERE

I'm happy to work out a payment for a plan for any of them if you are interested please message me.

I've restocked the christmas card sets, they are blank inside meaning you can use them for any occasion, you can find them HERE

Ive added a small (A5) print to the site. I'd like to do a monthly limited edition small print in the new year, so this one is a test run to see if they are popular, so is a special reduced price, the prints will cost £8 but this one is reduced to £5. You can find it HERE

And finally I'd added quite a few new drawings to the site, but some of them sold before I could tell you. You can find them all in the shop HERE

Onto the future......

You might have noticed that I have changed my social net working bio's to "retired crochet designer". At the beginning of 2021 the covid pandemic made me re-evaluate my life.

I lost all crochet inspiration & couldn't work out what to do next. So I returned to my first love where I began 39 years ago, picked up my pen started drawing again.

I've made my last blanket, published my last book and its time to move on.

I fully understand that some of you will unsubscribe as you signed on for crochet, it will be sad to see you go, but there are lots of talented crocheters out there who will value your support.

I am however going to start the long slow process of adding all my pdf crochet patterns to my shop.

I'm excited to start 2022 as I have lots of plans in the pipeline, including the collectable prints as mentioned above, colouring books and a possible Patreon account where you can buy me a monthly coffee and I'll send you a colouring sheet or pdf image or even a collectable print. I'm not sure of the details yet, but I'll work them out in the new year.

Happy Christmas (again)

Love Amanda

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