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Magnus's Magnificent Crochet Blankets - new book

I'm very proud to announce the publication of Magnus's Magnificent Crochet Blankets, which is available as a paper back on Amazon HERE

Magnus is my second grandson, his book as take over 4 years to complete, the book started off life 18 months before Magnus was born, its was originally going to be a book of crochet circles blankets, hence the reason why the blanket motifs start with a simple crochet circle.

I had made several of the blankets, but never really got started on the book, once Magnus was born I knew I needed to dedicate a book to him as I had for his big brother Bert.

It's taken me nearly 4 years to finish the blankets, plus 6 months writing patterns and a week of stress trying to get it accepted by Amazon's computerised review system (apparently one of the pages was a fraction of a mm too big).

The book contains 9 blanket patterns which were all photographed on some of our favourite local beaches on the days we looked after our boys..

It's not easy photographing two small boys, so I let them loose to play, get the blankets wet & cover them in sand. Dogs, dinosaurs & dump trucks also feature, it was a special moment in time recorded for the boys to remember in the future.

I'm very proud of this book, its very personal to me full of love and laughter.

I feel it is my magnum opus, at this moment in time I have no plans to write another crochet book and so might be my last.

The patterns are only available in the paper back book, when I have time I will add them to the Ravelry reference library, but I'm afraid they won't be available as single patterns.

Also the kindle version won't be available for some time, maybe next summer, Amazon publishing has changed their publishing programme and which means I will need to rewrite the whole book.

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