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Change of direction

You may of noticed I've been fairly absent from social networking for a long time, especially when it comes to writing this blog.

I have struggled to engage for several years, I don't know what to say to you anymore, everything I'm working on takes a long time that the only things I can show you are old blankets.

Last year when covid started I forced myself to write the motif book, which gave me something to think about so I didn't focus on my anxiety. I also worked on my Cassiopeia blanket, the motif book was published last autumn and the blanket finished this March. I didn't have any inspiration to design and start something new, I'd completely lost my mojo, sadly there is still no sign of it returning, I haven't touched a crochet hook since March.

But I did pick up a felt tip and start colouring with Magnus, my colouring quickly turned into drawing and I haven't put my pen down since. Drawing is not a new thing for me, I went to art college and it was what I did before I accidentally started NDS. NDS took over my life and I stopped drawing about 20 years ago.

I believe covid has subconsciously made me reevaluate my life. From a young age I wanted to have babies and be an artist. Through my NDS years I was consciously aware of the fact I was making the materials for other to create and although I loved dyeing & colour my artist's soul wasn't satisfied.

Crochet gave me an artistic outlet, I've always thought of my blankets as art and wanted to develop my ideas further, hence the reason why I've used the same simple motifs for years and just developed the colours and overall designs.

When I look around me I see true crochet artists like Janie Crow, Deidre Uys, Sue Pinner and several other's pushing the boundaries of crochet design, I realised all I'm doing is colouring with wool and not any developing further.

Drawing with Magnus made me very happy, I can honestly say I'm creatively happier now than I have been for several years. My drawing style has very quickly improved and developed. After 3 months I already have some enthusiastic buyers and am researching getting print's done. Its all been a bit of a whirlwind

At this moment in time all I want to do is draw pictures of my home.

Although you will be relieved to hear I'm working on Magnus's Magnificent Crochet Blankets book which will be published in the autumn. When Magnus's book is finished I'm not sure what will happen next, maybe I'll pick up my hook again or maybe I'll continue drawing.

I know a lot of you won't be interested as you came here to look at crochet, but if you are and are curious to see more of my work check out my drawing instagram account @queenies_trees and/or my new Queenies Trees art blog

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