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Blankets & Ron

Its Wednesday and I have only just managed to squash a couple of hours into my chaotic life.

Before I have to rush off again I wanted to tell you I have added 11 blankets to the website shop, my flat is too small to keep all of my blankets, so I thought they might make lovely Christmas gifts for some one special..

The blankets include Kissing Kaffe and Kaleidoscope, neither of which I want to part with, but sometimes its good to let go.

You can find them in the shop HERE

I've also added a few patterns and will be adding a lot more in the days to come,

So onto why my life is so chaotic........

We have a new puppy, we picked him up on Saturday and since then he has turned our life upside down in a frenzy of chewing, biting and running around exploring his new life. His name is Oberon, Ron for short and he is an 8 week old greyhound lurcher.

Normally it wouldn't be as chaotic, but I've been looking after Bert a bit more often than usual, because his mummy is working silly hours and has given herself migraines.

Bert and Ron spent their first day together on Monday, Bert is both shocked and delighted because all the dogs in his life run away from him and he'd never had the chance to stroke or play. He not very impressed when Ron nibbles his fingers, is happy to try and pull Ron around by the tail!

They spent Monday playing (chewing) with the same toys, not very hygienic, but Ron has just left his mum & siblings and is probably more vulnerable to germs than Bert.

It's exhausting and all encompassing to try and keep 2 active babies safe and under control at the same time, I have a huge newfound admiration for parents with twins.

But when they curled up together to sleep, my heart melted a lot and ever second of the chaos was worth it, They are going to be the best of friends I'm looking forward to watching their friendship evolve.

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