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Its been a while since I've blogged, all my best intentions of a blog post a week seem to have evaporated in the sunshine, I must try harder :-)

Anyway what I've been doing instead is mainly crocheting blankets for my next book and enjoying my time being Grandma or rather in my case Queenie, Bert already has a Nanny Jo, Great Granny, and Great Grandma, so I decided to be his Queenie.

A few weeks ago I came to the realisation that most of my new designs were quite childlike and I'd obviously been subconsciously designing for Bert, so I decided to divide the blankets into 2 piles and publish them in 2 books.

The first will be Bert's Crochet Baby Blanket book, which I'm hoping to get published by mid November in time for Christmas.

And the second will be Moorland Crochet Blankets which will be published next year.

I've also been working on my website shop, it needs a lot of work as all it had in it was my Rainbow Crocheted Blankets book.

I have added 5 foreign editions of Rainbow Crocheted Blankets which are written in Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, Danish and German

The books cost 12.99 UK sterling which is the same price as the English version.

I have also added Crochet Madder Triangles to the shop, which you can find HERE

The book is selling well so you will need to allow up to 10 days for dispatch in case I need to restock, however hopefully you will have your copy a lot sooner.

Over the next few weeks I will be adding PDF patterns which will be e-mailed to you instead of being a instant download, due to the silly European VAT law.

And finally some of the blankets themselves, I've finally decided to sell them as they are spilling out of cupboards, there are too many to fit into our tiny home and if I continue making them we won't have anywhere to sit :-)

Have a lovely time enjoying the sun.

Happy crocheting


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