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Crochet Madder Triangles Blankets

I'm finally able to write this blog post about the blankets in my Crochet Madder Triangles book, its taken me a while as I've just moved house.

This latest move has been the most challenging, we've packed a 7 roomed, 3 storey house and moved all our possessions into a 3 roomed ground floor flat, no mean feat considering how many books I've got. Its taken me nearly 2 weeks to unpack my laptop and create a space to work in.

However we absolutely love the flat, especially our small Mediterranean courtyard which we'll spend the summer relaxing in the sun :-)

Enough about moving and onto crochet blankets

Crochet Madder Triangles contains 3 blanket patterns

The blankets are (in order as seen on the photo above) Spyro, Lecchi and Rising Sun.


Spyro was a result of experimenting with spirals and named after a character in a computer game called Spyro the Dragon, which my children played during their childhood. He was a small blue dragon who ran around a very colourful kingdom collecting gems. I remember spending a lot of time watching him run around in circles.

You will need 1400 gms of 4 ply fingering yarn in assorted colours,


Lecchi is named after a small village in Tuscany, Italy, we were staying in while on holiday.

The blanket was the result of relaxing and experimenting with a bag of yarn. I became so obsessed with making the triangles that I crocheted every moment I could when not driving on the long drive home back to England.

You will need 1100 gms of 4ply/fingering yarn in assorted colours.

Rising Sun

I've wanted to make a ripple blanket, but struggle with crocheting straight rows, they involve counting stitches, which I never get right however hard I try, so I decided to make a ripple using motifs.

The blanket is named after The Rising Sun Hotel, which faces east over the harbour wall in Lynmouth.

If you get up early enough in the morning you can see the sun rising over Countisbury Hill.

Rising Sun has waves of green and blue symbolising the sea, nestled in the bright pink and orange sun rise.

You will need 1400 gms of DK yarn in assorted colours.

All the blanket patterns are have step by step charts, motif charts, colour key's, written in UK & US terms and have 4 colour variation charts, so if you are not keen on the original colour of the blanket you can choose one of the others.

You can find the book on HERE, its also available in the US and other European Amazon sites.

If you have already bought the book or planning to buy a copy I would really appreciate it if you could leave an Amazon review, even if its just a couple of words as it really helps how well the book does.

Happy crocheting

love Amanda

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