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Tah Dah Crochet Madder Triangles

The last few weeks since my last blog post have been a roller coaster, I have happy news and very sad news.

First the happy news....

I published Crochet Madder Triangles on Saturday night, its live on Amazon and ready for you to buy..

It features 8 patterns which were published in 2013 - 3 blankets, 3 shawls and 2 scarves.

As you would expect from my patterns there are plenty of photos, charts, colour information, step by step guides and its written in both UK and US terms.

I'm very pleased with it, except on my copy the cover which looks very washed out, the original was fine, so I'm hoping its just a minor blip in the Amazon printing process.

You can buy it on the UK amazon HERE

And the US Amazon HERE

I am planning to do a longer blog post about it soon with more photo's and info but my second news is we are moving again, we had hoped to stay here for a lot longer, but our landlords need to sell the house, so we are off again and I am busy packing.

Our new house is smaller, but its on the sunny side of the valley and very very close to our grandson and his parents, they were only a few minutes walk across the valley, but now they are going to be a few seconds :-)

I will lose my lovely garden which I'm very sad about, but I will gain a very sunny small courtyard which I'm very excited about, its my birthday in a few weeks time and top on my birthday list is a olive tree. I've always wanted one but never had anywhere suitable to grow one.

And finally our very sad news, we had to have our beloved Loki put down last week, this is his last photo and as you can see he was still smiling up until the very end.

He was almost 12, his back kegs had gone, he'd stopped eating and his kidneys had failed.

We are heartbroken and there is a huge furry hole in our life, but it was best for him.

My team of helpers is now down to one and as you can see she is heartbroken too, she doesn't want to eat, spends most of her time like this, the only time she is animated is when we are out walking and she meets another dog.

In a month or so after we have moved we will get her a new friend and team member, he/she won't replace Loki, but it will bring new joy to our life.

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