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Revealing the secret

This is a cathartic blog post for me, I need to write it to let off steam, it starts off as negative, but ends up being positive and exciting.

For the past 18 months I have been working on a second book, its been so top secret that I haven't been able to say a word or drop hints about it. During this time I've met with publishers, waited months for decisions, had fruitless negotiations and been offered several rubbish book deals. At the same time my mental health has suffered, my self published pattern sales have dropped, my social networking has almost become non existent all of which have effected my life in a negative way.

Yesterday was the final straw I'm not prepared to put 2 years of work & my heart & soul into another book for a pittance (you would be very shocked to know how little I have earned from the first one!) so I refused the latest offer.

So I have decided to take back control of my life and self publish my new book, it will be a proper printed book rather than a pdf and hopefully be available on Amazon in time for Christmas.

Its a bit scary as for the past 4 years my life and work has revolved around publishers, also I've given my self a very tight deadline, but I've done it before albeit on a much smaller scale, so I can do it again ......wish me luck :-)

I will leave you with some sneaky peaks of the first 5 blankets.

There will be lots more photo's and book news in the coming months.

Happy crocheting


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